An Educational and Training Centre

Soenderbro Community Immunology Group offers guidance and the opportunity to participate in creating better life and health conditions and sustainability in areas with marginalized living conditions.
Our purpose is to create, sustain and share tools and platforms for communities in deprived neighborhoods and their institutions to take control of their own destiny and enable them to control the determinants of their health and well-being across all five environments for health (social, economic, environmental, natural and joyous capital).
The teaching and learning process is actually a training process acting both in the real and virtual world. With the mutual accumulation of knowledge and skills in Soenderbro Centre for Community Immunology, the educational centre adapts the effort to the needs and wishes from the population in the area.
Soenderbro Centre lends its expertise, regardless of whether the task can be carried out by one person or an entire team is needed.
The purpose of the educational centre is to assist a neighborhood in creating a new beginning and to help it lift off. The centre will help to establish productive partnerships and will give you tools to promote the strengths and capacities among the population in the area. We believe that communities are not part of the problems but part of the solutions.
The methods of the educational centre consist of on-the-spot training on the spot working side by side with people in the area, observing the progress and theoretical follow-up.
A key factor is the local school. We have good experiences with the concept ‘The school in the local area – the local area in the school’. Furthermore we emphasize collaboration with the local university and college.
In Soenderbro, a local area in the city Horsens, Denmark, we welcome key persons from the marginalized area and collaborating schools and colleges to come and see and learn how we manage. The inspiration they bring home will reinforce the process locally and hopefully lead to creation of new teaching centers all over the world.
The educational centre wants to publish our work –methods and results- with audio-visually medias which can be downloaded from the homepage . We plan to publish in different languages and perhaps also use a cartoon-style format.